Ideal Living Condition for Marimo

Temperature : The water temperature of your aquarium plays a vital role in the health of your marimo. Marimo may not be very sensitive to temperature changes, yet they can survive from as low as 5 degree celsius to 35 degree celsius. Sudden temperature change may wreak havoc on your marimo growth development. Invest in a reliable chiller to maintain stable water temperature. For reef aquariums illuminated by metal halide light fixtures, the use of a chiller is recommended since many corals are sensitive to high water temperatures. Without the aid of an efficient aquarium chiller, decline in coral health or even coral loss may result.

dKH (degree of carbonate hardness also known alkalinity): Carbonate hardness is the measure of carbonate and bicarbonate concentration in your aquarium water. Alkalinity plays a vital role in stabilizing and buffering aquarium pH. This parameter is very important to monitor in marimo living system since alkalinity and calcium have a unique relationship where the concentration of one affects the other. For example, if aquarium alkalinity is too high, then calcium levels tend to fall as calcium precipitates out of solution. Conversely, if the calcium level is too high (over 500 ppm), then there is a tendency for alkalinity to drop.


ideal living condition marimo

pH (potentia hydrogenii or the power of hydrogen):Measurement of relative alkalinity or acidity. A pH reading of 7.0 is considered neutral, with readings higher than 7.0 (up to 14) being alkaline and readings lower than 7.0, acidic. Marimo natural habitat lies in alkaline water more.


Specific Gravity: Specific gravity or “sg” measures the relative salinity (amount of dissolved salts) in your aquarium water in comparison to pure water. Measuring specific gravity on a regular basis is crucial to maintain the ideal environment for your marimo inhabitants. Often, it is good to maintain sg level to minimize bacteria growth that may cause heart rot in marimo moss ball.



Correct water chemistry will surely allow your marimo to grow healthily and breed faster. As a guideline, follow : 72-82° F, KH 3-8, pH 6.8-7.5 , your marimo will live happily ever after.