How to grow Marimo fast


  • Begin by moving your Marimo ball into an area with strong circular currents; often, this is near the center of the bottom of your tank. These currents not only help shape your Marimo ball, but evenly distribute nutrients to all sides.
  • Apply slightly elevated levels of aquarium plant fertilizer to your tank. Make these increased doses very gradual, to prevent an algal bloom, and reduce the amount of direct light available to your Marimo ball during this time.buymarimo
  • Apply additional CO2 to your Marimo ball; this is often done by moving your Marimo ball into a small plastic container filled with water from its original habitat. Inject the water with more CO2 for 1-3 minutes, and let the water rest for several hours before transferring the ball back to the tank.
  • Allow your Marimo ball to have extended hours of daylight; this will encourage the algae to undertake photosynthesis for longer periods, facilitating more nutrient usage and growth.